Here Everythings Better - Did not know how to credit their gift card

Austin, Texas 0 comments

I tried to use my $20 HEB gift card--the cashier at Leander HEB plus didn't

have a clue--service mgr.came over told him enter $20.

He entered .20 and then she had him start over. After 5 tries, I now learn my gift card was not entered as a credit, it was charged to my HEB credit card as a debit. I have had to ask the deli employee to change gloves. The products are hard to locate, even their employees can't find them.

Most of the cashiers are rude. This is he worst store ever, no training for anyone, no caring of any employee. I have had one problem after another here.

They should go to Lowe's Leander and learn what customer service means.Shop elsewhere.

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